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  1. After logging into the LivePlan site license account for your organization, at the upper left of the screen, click on the drop-down that allows you to click “Create New Company”
  2. This will take you to a page where you’ll name the company, set the starting forecast settings, and decide which users should have access to the plan. Make sure to click the “Create Company” icon in the top-right to complete the company setup
  3. After you have created the company (you may decide to use the name of your client for their company name; you can change this name later), on the left of the LivePlan screen, click “Invite Users”:
  4. Click “Add a Contributor”. An overlay will appear where you enter the email address for your client (so that they will receive an invitation to sign-in)
  5. On that screen, you should ONLY check the following boxes:
    a.  See actual financial results
    b.  Give them access to the company that you created for them
    DO NOT give the client access to “Create and manage companies” or “Add and manage users”
    c.  Then click “Send Invitation”
    d.  The contributor will receive an email invitation containing a link to your LivePlan account.  LivePlan also immediately displays the link for you, so you can copy and paste it into your own email or direct message to the person.
  6. Once the contributor clicks the link and creates login credentials, access will be granted and the person will be added to your list of users.
  7. When your client is finished in LivePlan, make sure to archive their plan, which will free up that seat for another client to use.

    a.  At the top of your LivePlan window, click on the name of your current active company. Next, click View all companies:

       b.  Under the desired company, click the Archive link:2022-07-12_10-01-03.png

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