Quickly calculate simple formulas within cells

LivePlan's Forecast can calculate simple mathematical formulas within cells. This feature is useful for making quick calculations without having to divert your attention away from the forecast and can be performed from any cell within your LivePlan forecast. Addition and subtraction use the + and - operators, / (backslash) divides, and * (asterisk) multiplies. 

In the example pictured below, the formula 115.50*38 has been entered in the cell:

cell formula unit sales.png

Click anywhere outside of the cell to solve the formula:

unit sale equation solved.png

This feature works in the varying amounts over time entry method as well. In the following example, 807+929 is entered into one of the cells.

vaot equation entry.png

Clicking outside of the cell solves the formula:

vaot equation solved.png

Parentheses can also be used to specify the order of operations when entering formulas. The example below shows the equation 39*((97/12)*2.75) entered in the revenue portion of LivePlan's forecast:

parentheses equation.png

Clicking outside of the cell provides the solution of $866.94

parentheses solution.png

Note: LivePlan will round currency entries to the nearest 1/100th. In the above equation, 39*((97/12)*2.75) is solved as $866.9375, which is then rounded to $866.94


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