Troubleshooting common formatting issues in LivePlan exports

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Too much space between topics

Sometimes, additional spacing is unintentionally added when editing a topic. This can cause large gaps between topics when exporting your plan, like in the image below:

plan export with too much space between topics.png

Blank space in an exported plan is usually caused by extra "returns" or line breaks at the end of the last block of text in a section. This generates extra blank lines in that section, which will result in added blank space. The video below walks through removing this extra blank space from your plan exports.



To resolve this issue, locate the topic in the Plan View & Edit menu and click Edit:

arrow pointing to edit topic.png

Click on the white space below the text in the plan topic and delete the additional spacing:
plan topic with white space highlighted.png

After removing additional spacing from the topic, your plan will export with the correct formatting.

plan export with no additional space between topics.png

Unusual characters and/or formatting in topics

Occasionally, when you copy and paste text into LivePlan, you may notice that the printed version looks different from what appears on the screen. Moreover, you may find that you cannot change the text formatting on the screen either. This happens because when you copy and paste text, all of the formatting code is copied as well. As a result, the text may display on-screen one way but print in a different format. In some cases, the text may not be reformatted correctly in LivePlan.

You can remove all hidden formatting from text by using the keyboard shortcut + + (or  + + on a Mac.) This keyboard shortcut will paste any copied content as plain text without additional formatting.

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