Troubleshooting common formatting issues in LivePlan


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  • Too much space between topics
  • Unusual characters and/or formatting in topics

Too much space between topics

Sometimes additional spacing is unintentionally added when editing a topic. This can cause large gaps between topics when exporting your plan:



To resolve this issue, edit the plan topic to remove any additional space at the end of the topic:



After removing the additional spacing from the topic the formatting your plan will now export with the correct formatting:




Unusual characters and/or formatting in topics

Occasionally, when copy and pasting text into the program, the text may print differently from what appears on screen. Sometimes you will not be able to change the formatting of the text on screen either. This is due to the fact that when text is copied and pasted into LivePlan, all of the formatting code for the text is copied as well. This can result in plan content that displays one way on screen and prints in another format or occasionally text that cannot be correctly re-formatted in LivePlan. 

You can remove all hidden formatting from text by using the keyboard shortcut + + (or  + + on a Mac)

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