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LivePlan now allows you to review actuals for completed months in your forecast. This way, you can compare prior months forecasted values against actuals, and understand how your past performance impacts your projected numbers. 


Turning LiveForecast on

To toggle this feature on, navigate to the Forecast tab, then to your Profit and Loss statement. Here you’ll see a LiveForecast button at the top right of the statement:



Selecting this button will toggle the LiveForecast feature on. You can select the button again to toggle it off. 


How LiveForecast updates your financial statement

When LiveForecast is on, columns for past periods will display actual accounting data. This data will come from the Dashboard, and does require you to have either manually added accounting data, or to be connected to an accounting solution. 



Note: Only Salaries & Wage totals are compared in LiveForecast. Individual salaries are not displayed in the LiveForecast view.

Each column will now be marked with a < > icon, allowing you to expand the column to display additional information.



Once expanded you’ll be able to compare your actuals against your originally forecasted value, and the percentage difference between the two. The percentage change figure will be marked with an arrow, noting an increase or decrease in value. It’s also color coded to denote if this is a positive or negative change. 



Any charts at the top of the financial statement will also be updated. Past periods will now be displayed in light blue/purple, while future periods will be displayed in dark blue/purple. 

Note: LivePlan will not overwrite your forecasted data in any way. The LiveForecast feature will simply overlay actual data on your Profit and Loss and can be toggled off at anytime.

For future periods (for example, a forecasted month in the future), LivePlan will continue to display the forecasted data for that period. For ongoing periods (for example, your current year in progress) LivePlan will display a combination of actuals to date plus the ongoing forecasted values.  


Cash Bar

When the LiveForecast feature is enabled the Profit and Loss statement will now display your ongoing cash balance. This makes it easier to reference your cash balance, without needing to toggle to a different statement.

Your cash balance will be updated to display your actual balance for past periods. In addition, LivePlan will use this cash balance to calculate future periods, adding your future net change in cash to your current cash balance. You can see your net change in cash for future periods by using your Cash Flow statement.


The cash bar gives you an easy way to understand how your forecasted values will impact your current cash. 

Toggling LiveForecast off will result in your cash balance using only your forecast data. 

Note: The cash balance will not be displayed when you print your Profit and Loss statement.


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