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Round Robin email assignment is currently in beta testing. If this feature isn't available on your Outpost account and you would like to try it, please

In Outpost, you can use the Round Robin feature to automatically assign emails to users. Round Robin assignment is a great tool to help reduce time spent assigning emails manually, ensuring that work is spread fairly between users. Round Robin assignments can be applied to all users with access to a mailbox or only to selected users. 

Note: Round Robin email assignment can be enabled by account Owners and Administrators.


Configuring Round Robin in an Outpost mailbox

  1. Select Mailboxes from the settings menu.
  2. Select the mailbox in which you wish to configure Round Robin assignments.
  3. Select the users that will be assigned Round Robin email assignments within the mailbox. Selecting all users will rotate assignments between all users with access to the selected mailbox. Selecting no users will disable Round Robin email assignment. Specific users can be selected as well, with emails assignments rotating between selected users.
  4. Click Save Changessave_changes.jpg


Assigning email using Round Robin

Once mailboxes have been configured for Round Robin, emails can be manually assigned to users using this feature. 

  1. Select the conversation or conversations that you wish to assign. 
  2. Click on Assign, then select Assign round robin to split assignments between the users that have been configured to receive round robin assignments.round_robin_assign.jpg

Using rules to assign Round Robin

Round Robin assignments can be configured on the Rules panel to further automate the email assignment process. 

Note: Rules can be created, edited, and deleted by account Owners and Admins only.
  1. Click on the Settings menu in the upper right corner of the Outpost window:
  2. Click Rules:
  3. On the Rules page, click the [+] sign to create a new rule:Outpost_Rule_Plus_Icon.png
  4. Set the condition or conditions under which new incoming emails will be assigned.
  5. Select "Assign to" as the action, and then select "Round Robin" from the user list.




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