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Outpost is now available as a Beta for Android devices running Android 8 or higher.

What is Beta?

These are exciting times for Outpost and we’re happy you want to be a Beta user to help us get the Android mobile app ready for the public! 

Beta means that you have early access to Outpost mobile while it is in the final stages of development—it might have some rough edges, hidden bugs, or lack a feature you depend on.

As a Beta user in the Android app, we want to hear feedback about your experience. We encourage you to share your thoughts whether it’s about a bug, feature request, or just a minor improvement. The Outpost team is continuously making fixes and refinements, so be on the lookout for a notification every week or so to install the latest release.

Feedback we expect

You have two options to provide feedback, email us or chat with our Customer Advisory team from your computer.

In-app feedback instructions:

  1. Tap on the hamburger_menu.png hamburger menu
  2. Tap on Beta Information
  3. Tap the Email us button
  4. Add a subject and brief description of your experience, including what you were expecting to happen. Attaching a screenshot is helpful for our engineers.


Chat feedback instructions:

  1. From app.outpost.co, click on the blue  button and start chatting. 
  2. Let the customer service representative know that you are referring to a bug or feature within the mobile application.
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