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Outpost - Shared Inbox is now available for iOS and Android as a companion app

Visit the links below, or use your phone's QR app, to download the Outpost App. 

Outpost - Shared Inbox on the Apple App Store

Outpost for iOS requires an iPhone 6 or later device running iOS 12 or later. 



Outpost - Shared Inbox on the Google Play Store

Outpost for Android requires a device running Android 8.0 or later


With this Outpost companion app, your team can manage your info@ or support@ inboxes, without sharing passwords or stepping on each other’s toes. Outpost is simple, because shared email should be. Team up on email, stay organized, and take better care of your customers with the following features:


  • Shared inboxes. See all mailboxes in one place (Gmail, Office 365, etc.) without switching apps, and never miss an incoming message

  • Assignments.  assign.png  Delegate new messages to team members so everyone knows who’s doing what

  • Private notes.  NOTES.png  Share important information with team members without leaving your inbox or cluttering your email thread

  • Templates.  template.png Reply faster with customizable, saved responses

  • Tags. tags.png Filter your messages by tags to make your workflow more efficient

  • Search. search.png Easily find important messages and past conversations

  • Push notifications. Get alerts for new messages, @mentions, and assignments



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