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Beta guidelines for Outpost mobile

Our Beta mobile app is currently for iPhones only. We support iOS 12 or higher, which means iPhone 6 or higher (iPhone 5S with limited support), as long as you’ve updated your operating system to iOS 12 or later. Android will be coming after the iPhone app has been officially released in the Apple app store.


What is Beta?

Beta means that you have early access to our mobile app while it is still under development before it gets officially released -- it might have some rough edges, hidden bugs, or lack features that you find critical.

We want, need, and expect to hear feedback, on all of that. When/if you find bugs or have "must have" feature requests, we will want to hear about it, receive screen grabs, and have follow up questions. These are exciting times for Outpost and we’re glad you want to help us get our app launch-ready! Thank you for participating.


Feedback we expect

There are 2 ways to give us feedback: 1) Email us using the app, and 2) chat with our customer service team via desktop, and let them know you’re a mobile user.

In-app feedback instructions:

  1. Tap on the hamburger_menu.png hamburger menu
  2. Tap on Help Center & Feedback
  3. Tap the Email us button
  4. Send an email, ideally with a clear description and screenshot attached. The more descriptive the better!


Chat feedback instructions:

  1. From app.outpost.co, click on the blue  button and start chatting. 
  2. Let the customer service representative know that you are referring to a bug or feature within the mobile application.


Update when we push updates

We will be releasing bug fixes and new features about every 2 weeks. You will receive an email when this happens. Please update as soon as you receive this email (which will go to your Apple ID email).


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