Co-branding your LivePlan account

Co-branding is a feature that is available to academic, government, or Strategic Advisor accounts that meet a certain set of requirements. Please contact us if you have any questions about this feature.

Click on the Account menu, then select Manage Account 

Arrow Pointing to manage account.png

On the Account Details page, select an image from your computer in either PNG or JPG format that will appear at the top of the LivePlan website.

Cobranding logo upload location highlighted.png

Note: The optimal image size is 250px wide by 60px tall. Rectangular images will display better than square images.

Click the back arrow, located at the top-left of your LivePlan window, to return to your plan.
manage account menu with back arrow highlighted.png

Once uploaded, your company logo will appear at the top of all LivePlan web pages while you are signed in. In addition all guests and contributors on your account will see your company logo at the top of their LivePlan window.

arrow pointing to custom logo.png


Note: All printed reports will display the company logo
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