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Save time navigating in Outpost by using keyboard shortcuts. If you’re used to using Gmail shortcuts, most of those are the same in Outpost. Keyboard shortcuts work differently on PC and Mac computers. On PCs, you'll use Ctrl instead of ⌘.

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Turn on keyboard shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts must first be enabled in the Settings menu.

  1. Click on the gear icon in the top-right of your Outpost window to enter the Settings menu:
  2. Keyboard shortcuts can be enabled and disabled on the Preferences panel:
  3. Click the Save Changes button:



Shortcuts you can use

The following shortcuts can be used to navigate through conversations in the mail view.

In order to: Press:
Select next conversation up the list   k
Select next conversation down the list   j
Toggle bulk checkbox for selected conversation   x


The following shortcuts perform an action on a conversation. You must be in the mail view to perform these actions.

In order to: Press:
Compose a new message   c
Archive selected conversation(s)   e
Forward selected conversation   f
Move selected conversation(s) to trash   #
Mark selected conversation(s) as spam   !
Reply to select conversation   r
Reply all to selected conversation   a
Add a note to selected conversation   n
Star or un-star selected conversation(s)   s
Add a tag to the selected conversation(s)   t
Assign the selected conversation(s)   p
Move the selected conversation(s)   v


The following shortcuts work while composing a message.

In order to: Press:
Send the message   ⌘/Ctrl + Enter
Insert template into the message   ⌘/Ctrl + Shift + y
Insert a link into the message   ⌘/Ctrl + k
Delete a draft (will be asked to confirm before deleting)   Shift + delete
Delete a draft without confirmation   alt + shift + delete
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