Connecting Outpost to an Office 365 Distribution List or Shared Inbox Follow

  1. Create an Outpost hosted mailbox. This will create a new email address for use below.

  2. Once that mailbox is set up, you will go to your Office 365 distribution list settings and add that new address to your distribution list.
    • Note: You might need to add your TeamOutpost email address to your O365 contact list
      before being able to add it as a member to the distribution list.

  3. Accept the distribution list invitation in Outpost
    • Go back to Outpost and the newly created email. There should be an
      invitation sent here once you add it to the distribution list.

  4. Change the “Send from” address for the new Outpost mailbox
    1. Go the the mailbox settings in Outpost > click the display email address
      field > choose option “Send from another email address
    2. Type your original distribution list email here
    3. Send test message
      1. If you do receive the test message, then everything is good to go
      2. If test message is not received, let us know so that we can troubleshoot further

  5. Once this mailbox is set up, add the rest of your team members so you can
    effectively evaluate Outpost as a collaborative shared inbox.

  6. Once ready, remove individual team members from the distribution list except the
    TeamOutpost email address
    • This will make it so only one copy of the email comes into Outpost and
      duplicate emails aren't sent to individuals as well

Have any questions? Contact us for help getting set up.

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