Connecting a Google Groups Mailbox to Outpost Follow

Create your mailbox in Outpost

  1. Create an Outpost hosted mailbox. This will give you a TeamOutpost email address to use in the steps below.

Add that email address to Google Groups

  1. Go to your Google Group
  2. Click Manage Members
  3. Click Direct Add Members
  4. Add the TeamOutpost email address you created above
  5. Make sure the email digest setting is set to "All Mail"
  6. Click the Add button

Accept the group invitation in Outpost

  1. Return to Outpost and the newly created mailbox. 
  2. Accept the invitation that was sent when you added the email address to your Google Group

Change the “Send from” address for the new Outpost mailbox

  1. Go the the mailbox settings in Outpost
  2. Add your Google Group's address to the "Email address to forward from" filed
  3. Click the "Send test email" button.
    • If you do receive the test message, then everything is good to go
    • If test message is not received, let us know so we can check it out
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