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The LivePlan Dashboard can be integrated with QuickBooks Desktop, which makes it easy to import up to two years of your accounting actuals as well as any new data. This means your results will stay continually updated, and you'll be able to quickly compare your actuals to your LivePlan forecast.

Note: LivePlan currently supports the last 3 years of QuickBooks Desktop for Windows. As of June 1, 2021 QuickBooks Desktop 2019, 2020, and 2021 are supported.
  1. Log in to your LivePlan account and select Create a new company.
  2. Set the start date for your forecast to the start of your current fiscal year.
  3. Choose Dashboard as your starting point:
  4. In the Dashboard tab, click the Get Started button:
  5. In the Choose a data source overlay, click on the QuickBooks Desktop option, and then click Continue:
  6. Download and install the LivePlan Sync Manager on the same computer as your QuickBooks Desktop application.
  7. Launch QuickBooks Desktop and open the company file that you wish to sync.
    Note: The QuickBooks Desktop company file must be opened with admin credentials in single user mode and no other Quickbooks Desktop files should be open during the sync process.
  8. Launch the LivePlan Sync Manager, then click Continue in LivePlan. LivePlan will generate a token consisting of a unique string of characters. 
  9. Copy this token from your LivePlan window and paste it in the LivePlan Sync Manager, then click Save. After a moment the Status indicator will update to Connected. 
  10. In the LivePlan browser window, click Continue.
  11. LivePlan will then display a message that it is connecting to QuickBooks Desktop. Once this message appears, go to your QuickBooks Desktop app to finish the connection.
    Note: You must navigate away from your browser window and ensure that your QuickBooks Desktop is active and not minimized.
  12. QuickBooks Desktop will ask if you wish to allow access to your selected company data. Select which permissions you wish to allow, then click Continue.
  13. The LivePlan window will indicate that it is now connected to QuickBooks Desktop. Click OK, let's sync.
  14. LivePlan will now pull data from your QuickBook Desktop company.
    Note: This is a one-way connection. No data will be written or changed in your QuickBooks Desktop company.
  15. LivePlan will pull in your QuickBooks Desktop data for the current year and up to two past fiscal years. Once LivePlan and QuickBooks Desktop are connected, LivePlan will automatically map the two together so you can see a side-by-side comparison in the Dashboard.

    If you need to make adjustments to the mapping, please see Adjusting the mapping between QuickBooks accounts and LivePlan.

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