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In LivePlan Premium, the Dashboard tab presents a comprehensive picture of your finances, including both forecasted totals (drawn from the information you enter in the Forecast tab) and actual totals (gathered from your linked accounting software or entered manually using the Update Actual Results link in the Dashboard tab).

For details on how to connect LivePlan to a specific accounting solution, see these articles:

If you aren't using any of these accounting solutions, you can still enter your actuals manually. For details, please see: Manually entering actual results


Click the date selector to choose a date range to view:


When you choose a specific range of dates, the financial statements will automatically update and show data during that period. You can further refine the data displayed in your financial statements by selecting one of the following display formats:


  • Overall: This provides a total amount for each line item for the date range selected.
  • By Month: This breaks down the financial statements by month for the date range selected.
  • By ClassIf you organize the transactions in your QuickBooks account by classes, you can break down the financial statement by class.  
NOTE: The "By Class" view is only enabled once a QuickBooks account with class data has been synced. To learn more about how LivePlan utilizes class data, please see Viewing your QuickBooks classes in LivePlan


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