Switching between active companies or plans in LivePlan

In LivePlan, the default account allows for one company at a time to be active, which means it can be edited and shared with others. Your users (contributors and guests) cannot access an archived company. If you need a company to remain active at all times so that other users have access, you may want to upgrade your number of active companies

Two ways to switch between active companies:

Command Bar

Click on the magnifying glass icon or press the Command + K keys simultaneously to bring up the Command Bar, then type the first couple of letters of the company name that you wish to switch to:


A list of companies matching the search will be displayed. Click on the desired company from that list to switch to that plan:


Company Menu

1. At the top of your LivePlan window, click on the name of your current active company. A drop-down menu will list your active companies. Click on the company that you would like to switch to.


2. You can also switch to another active company from the company management screen. To get this screen, click on View all companies from the same drop-down menu. From the company management screen, click Go to Company to the right of the name of the active company you want to switch to:


You can also archive, restore, copy, delete, and create new companies from this company management screen.

If you haven't upgraded your account to include multiple active companies, you will have to first archive your active company and then restore the company you wish to view.

More on managing your companies:

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