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Outpost is a tool for managing email conversations between your team and your customers. It's not designed to be a mass-marketing or email newsletter tool. Email addresses hosted in Outpost (addresses ending in have a sending limit in place in order to prevent mass mailing usage.

An individual mailbox can send:

  • 10 msgs a min and/or
  • 250 an hour

The whole account can send:

  • 100 messages a min and/or
  • 1000 messages an hour.

Trial accounts are limited to 100 messages per hour across all users.

Note: cc and bcc recipients are included in your daily email limit. So an email sent to five recipients counts as five emails sent.

Please note that email addresses hosted outside of Outpost (such as with Gmail or Office 365) may have different sending limits. Contact your email host for more information on their sending limits.

Message recipient limits

Additionally, there are limits in place as to how many people can be the recipient of a message (included in the TO, CC and/or BCC fields).

Trial accounts

  • Individual messages can be sent to up to 29 recipients 

Paying accounts

  • Individual messages can be sent to up to 99 recipients.


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