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If you've recently updated or changed a password for your email account you may stop receiving and/or being able to send email messages within Email Center Pro. This indicates that you need to update the password for that email account in Email Center Pro so our software can access your email account again. The following steps will resolve that problem:

Update your POP Account Password:

  1. Log into Email Center Pro as an Admin user account
  2. Click Account & Tools
  3. Select the Mailboxes tab
  4. Select the mailbox in question
  5. Scroll down to find the Connected POP Accounts settings area
  6. Click the down arrow icon to expand the POP Account (ie: POP Account 1)
  7. Update the password for that email account
  8. Check the Active box to re-enable that POP account. ECP will verify that account and display a "Success" message in the upper right hand corner if the username and password is correct.
  9. If you were successful, click the "Save this POP account" button then click the Save icon in the upper right hand corner of the settings to update that mailbox.

Repeat steps 4-9 above for any other mailboxes connected to email accounts that stopped downloading messages.

Update your SMTP Connection Password:

  1. Click the Tools tab
  2. Click Custom SMTP Servers
  3. Click the Edit link next to the Custom SMTP server in question
  4. Update the password
  5. Click the Test SMTP Server button. ECP will verify that the SMTP configuration appears to be valid.
  6. If the configuration appears valid, click the Save button

Repeat steps 3 through 6 for any other SMTP configurations for your mailboxes.

A brief video on the process can be found here:

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