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Auto-responders are a subset of Rules, which take incoming mail and respond with a template. Just like templates, auto-responders can reduce time spent on repeatable tasks by automating an email response. Let's go over how to set up an auto-responder for messages sent to a specific email address.

Note: Rules can be created, edited, and deleted by account Owners and Admins only.
Note: Outpost will utilize the signature of the mailbox from which the response is sent. Personal mailbox signatures are not used with Auto-responders.


1. To access the Rules page, click the Settings icon in the upper right corner of the window:


2. In the sidebar of the Settings menu, click Rules:


3. On the Rules page, click the [+] sign to create a new rule:


4. Give the rule a descriptive name. You will then create the WHEN conditions. Select "all" from the drop down menu and set your conditions to "To" and "Is equal to"Enter the email address to finishing setting your WHEN conditions.


5. Next, set your THEN action as "Reply with template" and then select the template you want the rule to respond with:


Note: You can select any available template from the template list. Want to create a new template? See Creating a template.
Note: Templates with variables can not be selected for an Auto-responder. 

6. Click on Save to save the rule and apply its condition.



Note: Templates containing variables cannot be selected for an auto response

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