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Your Outpost account can contain as many mailboxes as you need. So if you like, you can set up a mailbox for your personal email account and manage it alongside your shared mailboxes. It's a great way to keep all your email in one place.

Note: At this time, any account owner or admin will be able to assign themselves access to view any personal mailbox. We plan to add private mailboxes to Outpost in the future. For now, however, please be aware that your personal mailbox will not be strictly private.


Adding your personal email to Outpost

  1. First, create a mailbox. You can do this by connecting a Gmail or Office 365 email address to Outpost, or you can forward email to Outpost. (See the links for more details on each option.)
  2. You may want to give this mailbox a name like "Personal," so it's easy to spot among your other mailboxes.


Keeping your personal mailbox private

Once you've created your personal mailbox, you'll want to make sure it's set you can access it.

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner of the Outpost window:
  2. In the sidebar of the Settings page, click Mailboxes:
  3. Click the preview card for your new personal mailbox:
  4. On the mailbox settings page, locate the Users section. You'll see checkboxes for all users who have access to the Outpost account. Ensure that only your name has a checkmark. That way, you're the only user who can access your personal mailbox:
  5. If you've made a change to the mailbox settings, click the Save Changes button:


You can access your personal mailbox in Outpost any time by choosing it from the Mailboxes menu:


If you like, you can also set your personal mailbox to be your default view when you log into Outpost.

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