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Outpost operates as a communications layer on top of an existing email address. If you don't have an email address you'd like to connect with your Outpost account, you can always create an Outpost email address as you're creating your account.

Note: In Outpost, each email address has its own mailbox. So as you create a new account and email address together, you'll also be setting up your first mailbox in the account.


  1. On, click on the the Start your free trial button:
  2. Fill in your name, email address, username, and password, then click Try for free:

    Note: You'll need your username and password to sign into your Outpost account in the future. Be sure to keep this information in your records.

  3. Choose Create a new email address:
  4. Enter a subdomain for your email address. This is the segment of the email address that comes immediately after the "@" symbol. It's usually best to use your company or brand name as the subdomain. Click Next:

    Note: The subdomain you set will be permanently attached to your account, and can't be changed. If you create other new Outpost email addresses later, they will use the same subdomain.

  5. Next, enter the local part of your email address. This is the segment of the email address that comes before the "@" symbol. It can be a person's name, or it might be the name of a department in your company. Click Next:
  6. You'll then be taken to your new Outpost mailbox. Because this is a brand-new email address, there won't be any conversations there yet. You can start your first one by clicking the link:
  7. You can now share your Outpost email address with others, and they can send emails there. You'll receive them in your Outpost mailbox. Or if you prefer, you can forward another email address you own to this Outpost mailbox.
Note: When you create an email address in Outpost, it can only be attached to one mailbox. So for example, let's say that you created an email address and mailbox, but then you later deleted them from your account. You wouldn't be able to create another mailbox in the future using that same email address. Instead, you'd need to create another new email address.


Outpost tools to explore from here:


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