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It isn't necessary to create new email addresses through Outpost - you can also connect it to email addresses you already own. But we do offer the option to create a new email address on our server, if you need one. This article will show you how to do that.

Note: You can also connect Outpost to a Gmail or Office 365 email address you own, or you can set up forwarding to Outpost from any other email address.


Creating a new Outpost email address

These instructions assume you already have an Outpost account. If you don't, please see this page instead.

The email address will need a mailbox in your Outpost account. You'll set up the mailbox and email address at the same time.

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner of the Outpost window:
  2. In the sidebar of the Settings page, click Mailboxes:
  3. On the Mailboxes page, click the + symbol to create a new mailbox:
  4. Select Create a new email address from the drop down menu:
  5. If this is the first email address you're creating in your Outpost account, you'll be prompted to establish two pieces of information:


    A local part: this is the segment of the email address that comes before the "@" symbol. It can be a person's name, or it might be the name of a department in your company.

    A subdomain: This is the segment of the email address that comes immediately after the "@" symbol. It's usually best to use your company or brand name as the subdomain.

    Note: The subdomain you set will be permanently attached to your account, and can't be changed. If you create other new Outpost email addresses later, they will use the same subdomain.

  6. Choose which users in your account should have access to the new email address:
  7. Enter a Send As name for this email address. This is the name that will appear in a recipient's inbox when you send them an email:

  8. As a last step, create a mailbox signature:
  9. Then click Create Mailbox:


Using your new Outpost email address

Your new email address and mailbox are ready to use. You can share your Outpost email address with others, and they can send emails there. You'll receive them in your Outpost mailbox.

To begin sending messages from the new Outpost email address, click Back to mail:


There are two ways to send email from your new Outpost email address. You can use either method at any time.


Method 1: 

  1. If you are looking at your Inbox with the "All Mailboxes" view selected, you can start a new message by clicking the New Conversation icon:
  2. Open the drop-down menu in the "From" field of the new message. Select your new email address as the sending address:


Method 2:

  1. Alternatively, you can select the newly-created mailbox from the Mailboxes menu:
  2. The first time you access this new mailbox, it will be empty and you'll see the message below. Click the link: click here to create a new conversation. Your message will automatically be sent from the new email address:
  3. Once there are conversations in this mailbox, you can start a new one any time by clicking the New Conversation icon:


    Any new conversations you start from within the mailbox will automatically send from its attached email address.

Note: When you create an email address in Outpost, it can only be attached to one mailbox. So for example, let's say that you created an email address and mailbox, but then you later deleted them from your account. You wouldn't be able to create another mailbox in the future using that same email address. Instead, you'd need to create another new email address.



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