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Outpost's Tags feature is a flexible tool for categorizing and monitoring themes in your email. Here are some creative ways our customers use tags. 

Learning from your email history

Tags can help you monitor certain kinds of conversations your team handles often. Let's say, for example, that you're noticing a lot of emails with pricing questions. You can create a "pricing" tag for your team to add to these conversations:


Then, you can sort your mail view by that tag any time. That helps you see how many pricing questions are coming in, and also helps you identify themes in these conversations. This information might help you better understand what's confusing your customers, so you can find ways to clarify how your website presents pricing:



Monitoring products or services

If your company offers multiple products or services, it can be useful to create some tags for them. You might want a tag for each item you offer, or you can create just a few tags for key items:


Tagging can be very helpful, for example, for newly-released products or services. By sorting your conversations to a new product's tag, you can easily see what your customers are saying about it.

If you create tags for several (or all) of your offerings, then you can also see over time which ones are generating the most customer interaction. You might discover, for example, that a product with low sales is actually consuming a lot of your team's time with customer questions.


Resolving issues

Tags also offer a great way to track a temporary issue, like a delayed product shipment or a system outage. If you set up a tag for the issue, and add it to all the related emails coming in, then it's easy to check on the number of affected customers. Once the issue is resolved, the tag helps you quickly find those customers so you can follow up with them:



Tracking business locations

If your business has multiple locations, you can tag conversations with the location they pertain to. That way, you can easily sort your mail folders by location any time:



Do you have any favorite uses for tags you'd like to share? Feel free to contact us - we'd love to hear them! 

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