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Outpost offers an Analytics page, where you can view the average response times for the conversations and users in your account.

This analytics data is visible to the account owner as well as all administrators and users. Everyone in your account can see analytics data for all mailboxes, whether they're assigned to them or not.

Note: for an explanation of the analytics data, please see Analytics available in Outpost.


Opening the analytics display

There are two ways to locate your account's analytics page:

  • Click on your user profile in the upper right corner of the window. Then select Analytics from the drop-down menu
  • Click on the Analytics button at the top of the window

Both options are highlighted below:




The Analytics page contains several metrics. The default display shows metrics for all mailboxes in the account for the past 7 days. You can customize the date range and mailbox selection from the sidebar:



Choosing which mailboxes to include in the display

In the sidebar of the Analytics page, use the Mailboxes menu to select the mailbox you want to view:


You can look at data for a single mailbox, or for all mailboxes in your account combined.


Setting the date range

In the sidebar of the Analytics page, the Date Range menu allows you to choose from a selection of date ranges, or set a custom date range:


If you choose Custom, you can select any start and end date you prefer. Click Apply date range filter to generate data for your chosen dates:


Note: The analytics display includes all messages, users, and mailboxes that were active in your account during the date range you've selected, even if they have since been deleted.


Once you've chosen a date range, you'll see it displayed at the top of the analytics page:



Business Hours

You can filter analytics to only calculate response time during business hours, which can be configured in the Analytics sidebar.


Once the Business Hours toggle is enabled, the daily Start time and End time can be configured to match your business hours. In addition, the time zone of your business can be selected. Results will be updated automatically upon making your selections.


Note: Messages that are received after business hours one day and are responded to before the start of business hours the following day will not be counted in the response time analytics, but will be counted in the Conversations and Responses totals. For more information on how Outpost calculates response times please see Analytics available in Outpost

Updating the data

You can update the analytics display any time by refreshing the page. If there is new data available to display, it will be included.


More on Analytics:

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