Performing batch actions in Outpost Follow

In Outpost, you can select and apply an action to a group of conversations. This allows you to quickly Archive, Mark as spam, Delete, Star, or Mark as unread multiple conversations at once.

Each email preview card has a check box displayed next to the sender's name:


Click on as many of these check boxes as you like in order to select multiple conversations:


Alternately, you can select one message, then scroll down to another message, and then hold the <shift> key and click it. That will select all the messages between those two selected messages. 


Once you've selected the conversations you need, choose the action from the toolbar that you wish to apply to them:


The batch actions available are: Archive, Mark as spam, Delete, Star, or Mark as unread. Mouse over each icon to see a label explaining what it is.

If you've selected a batch of conversations and want to cancel that selection, click on the Cancel icon: 



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