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If you don't want to connect directly to Gmail or Office 365 via an IMAP connection, you can set up forwarding from any address you own into Outpost.

When you set up forwarding, you'll do some of the steps in Outpost and some in your email provider account (such as Yahoo, Outlook, or GoDaddy). If you need help finding the instructions for setting up forwarding in your source email account, please contact us.

Setting up forwarding to an existing Outpost account

You can set up an Outpost mailbox so that it sends and receives emails from another email address that you own.

  1. Click on the Settings gear in the upper right corner of the Outpost window:settings-gear.png
  2. In the sidebar of the Settings page, click Mailboxes:
  3. Click on the add mailbox icon:
  4. Select "Other email address" from the "Email source" drop down menu.
  5. Enter a mailbox name, Outpost email address, and display name for your new mailbox:
  6. Click Create Mailbox:
  7. In the "Display email address" drop down menu, select Send from another email address:
  8. Enter the email address that you would like to send email from. If you are forwarding from a non-custom email domain, such as Yahoo, AOL, or Outlook, you won't be able to change the "send as" address for Outpost. So for example, if you are forwarding mail from an @yahoo address, emails you send from Outpost will show in the recipient's inbox as your address.
  9. Configure your email provider to forward emails to your Outpost mailbox. If you need assistance finding your provider's instructions, please contact us .
  10. Return to the Outpost Mailbox settings menu and click Send test email:

  11. You should see an email in your Inbox shortly, confirming that the mailbox forwarding has been completed. If Outpost's test email can't connect with your source email account within 30 minutes, you'll receive a notification.


Setting up forwarding to a new Outpost account

You can also set up forwarding as you're creating a new Outpost account.

  1. On, click the the Start your free trial button:
  2. Fill in your name, email address, username, and password, then click Try for free:


    Note: You'll need your username and password to sign into your Outpost account in the future. Be sure to keep this information in your records.

  3. Enter the name of your company or organization, and then click Next:
  4. Select Other existing email, then enter your existing email address:
  5. Enter a subdomain for your Outpost mailbox. It's usually best to use your company or brand name as the subdomain:
    Note: The subdomain you set will be permanently attached to your account, and can't be changed. If you create other new Outpost email addresses later, they will use the same subdomain.
  6. Enter the local part of the email address. This can be a person's name or the name of a department in your company.

  7. Configure your email provider to forward emails to your new Outpost mailbox. If you need help locating your provider's instructions, please contact us.
  8. You should be prompted by your source email account to send a test email. That email should then appear in your Outpost Inbox shortly. When you see it, you'll know that forwarding was successful. If you don't see that test email in your Outpost Inbox within 30 minutes, check your forwarding settings in the source email account again.


Using Outpost after you've set up forwarding

Your Outpost mailbox is now ready to use.

There are two ways to send email from your new Outpost email mailbox. You can use either method at any time. 


Method 1:

  1. If you are looking at your Inbox with the "All Mailboxes" view selected, you can start a new message by clicking the New Conversation icon:
  2. Open the drop-down menu in the "From" field of the new message. Select your new email address as the sending address:


Method 2:

  1. Alternatively, you can select the newly-created mailbox from the Mailboxes menu:
  2. The first time you access this new mailbox, it will be empty and you'll see the message below. Click the link: click here to create a new conversation. Your message will automatically be sent from the new email address:
  3. Once there are conversations in this mailbox, you can start a new one any time by clicking the New Conversation icon:
    Any new messages you send from within the mailbox will show the Send As name you've set, or your source email address, as the sender.

  Note: Your email history does not import from the source email account.


Where will my incoming emails be stored?

Once forwarding has been configured all emails sent to your source email address will appear in your Outpost mailbox.

Your source email account will also retain a copy of all incoming emails. We recommend testing this after you've set up forwarding. Ask a colleague to send a test email to your source email address. You should see that email in both Inboxes - in Outpost, and in your source email account. If you don't, then you may need to change the forwarding settings in your source email account. Please contact us if you need help with that step.


Where will my sent emails be stored?

When you send messages from your Outpost account, they won't appear in your source email account. If the conversation continues, however, then you might see the original message quoted in a further reply to that conversation.


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