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Tags are like Gmail labels or Outlook folders. They help you organize your mail and find things quickly. For ideas on how to use Tags, please see Tips for using tags.

Interested in learning more about how tags can save you time? Check out this blog post.

How Outpost displays tags

Tags will display in a different manner depending on how many tags are active in your Outpost account. A tag is considered active once it has been applied to any conversation. 

If your account has 50 or fewer active tags, the tags are displayed in the left sidebar in a scrollable list:


The search field displays once the tag list is greater than 20. Start typing the tag name into the search box to quickly find a particular tag


If your account has 51 or more active tags, the tag filter dropdown displays in the sidebar:tags_menu.png

Click on the dropdown to view your tags. Start typing a tag name into the search field to quickly find a particular tag:



Creating a new tag

When you create a tag, it will be applied automatically to the conversation that's currently open. Once it's created, a tag becomes available for all conversations in all mailboxes.

  1. Open the conversation you want to tag. In the toolbar, click the Tag icon:
  2. Click Create a new tag:
  3. Give the new tag a name and assign a color if you like. Then click Create tag:
  4. The new tag will be automatically applied to the conversation. Click outside the tag menu to dismiss it:


Editing a tag

You can edit the title of any tag once it has been applied to a message.

  1. Access a conversation that has the tag already applied, or apply the tag to a conversation:
  2. Click on the tag to access the tag editor. Then update the tag title as needed. Click Save tag to save the change:
  3. The change will automatically apply to all conversations using this tag.

Deleting a tag

Tags can be deleted by an account owner or administrator. Users will not see the Delete a tag option. 

  1. With a conversation open, click on the Tag icon in toolbar:
  2. Click on Delete a tag:
  3. You will see a list of all tags in alphabetical order. Begin typing the name of the tag that you wish to delete or scroll to the tag.

  4. Click on the trash can icon next to the tag that you wish to delete, then click on Yes, delete to delete the tag.


Adding a tag to a conversation

You can add multiple tags to any conversation.

  1. Open the conversation you want to tag. Then, in the toolbar, click the Tag icon:
  2. Click on as many tags as you want to add to the conversation:
  3. Click outside of the tag menu to dismiss it.
  4. The tag will now appear at the top of the conversation:


Removing a tag from a conversation

You can remove a tag from a conversation at any time by clicking the "X" on the tag:



Sorting a mailbox or folder by tags

To see all the conversations containing a particular tag, use the Tag list in the left sidebar, as shown below:


Keep in mind that the results you see will only pertain to the mailbox and mail folder you have currently selected. In the example above, one mailbox is selected, "Billing", so only conversations tagged with "Booking inquiries" in this mailbox will display.

To see tagged conversations in other mailboxes or all mailboxes, just make another selection from the Mailbox menu:


The same idea applies to your email folders - when you search for tagged conversations, you'll only see the ones in the folder you're currently viewing, such as the Inbox, Sent, or Archived mail. For more on using those, please see Viewing your account folders.


More on sorting and searching conversations:

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