Can I give LivePlan as a gift? Follow

During the U.S. holiday season, we offer the option to purchase a six-month gift subscription to LivePlan. Your recipient will receive the account, but the billing will be posted to the credit card or PayPal account you designate. 

To purchase a gift subscription, please visit this page. If you have any issues with your gift purchase, please contact us and one of our Customer Advocates will be glad to help.


What you'll receive

When you purchase a 6-month gift subscription, you'll be emailed a printable gift card, customized with your recipient's name and instructions to access their new account. When you print this out and give it to your recipient, they'll have everything they need to start using LivePlan.


If you'd like to purchase a gift subscription outside of the holiday season

You can always sign up for an ongoing LivePlan subscription in another person's name and place payments on your credit card or PayPal account. Use the recipient's email address when signing up for the account, and the recipient will get a notification email instantly. Please contact us if you'd like help.



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