Customizing the master LivePlan account for your SBDC Follow

Since your master LivePlan account will be used by many people, both advisors and clients, here are two customizations we recommend making as you're first setting up the account.


Step 1: Update the account profile name

When the master account is initially created, it will have the account owner's email address and name attached to it. To make it clear that the account is for your SBDC as a whole, we recommend updating the profile name. To do that, click the Account menu, and select Manage Account:


Under Account name and logo, replace the account owner's name with the center's name, then click Save Changes:



Step 2: Add your center's logo

In the same section, you can also upload your center's logo. It will then display at the top of the LivePlan window for your advisors and clients.

To upload a logo, either drag and drop the image file, or click Select an image from your computer:


Once the logo is uploaded, you'll see it display. You can click the Delete Image link any time to remove it and upload a different logo:


Your logo will then display at the top of the LivePlan window, as shown below:


Note: If your account doesn't currently have the logo option and you would like to add it, please contact us for more details.


Step 3: Create a demo company file

When you initially signed up for LivePlan, you were taken through the process of creating your first company file in the account. You may have created other companies in the account since that point.

When you're ready to start inviting your advisors into the account, it's a good idea for them to see a clearly-marked demo company file, which they can use to get to know LivePlan.

If you'd like to use one of your existing company files as the demo, you can easily change its name to a demo-oriented name:


If you'd prefer to create a company file from scratch to use as your demo, please see Adding an additional company.

From here, you can start inviting your advisors to the master account, giving them access to this demo company.

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