Downloading and printing from the Forecast section

You can export a PDF from the Forecast section if you need to print detailed forecast data to share with a colleague or advisor. This export can be configured to include any sections of your forecast in either monthly or annual detail. LivePlan Premium users with financial actuals, either from their accounting software or through direct entry, can also include Live Forecast values in their exports.

The following reports are available in LivePlan's Forecast section:

  • Profit & Loss statement
  • Revenue
  • Expenses
  • Balance Sheet
  • Direct Costs
  • Assets
  • Cash Flow statement
  • Personnel
  • Financing

To download a forecast report:

  1. From the Forecast section, click Download & Print:
    Arrow Pointing to Download & Print.png

  2. Check the boxes for the formats (annual or monthly) and the data you want to include in the PDF: 
                   Forecast Print Options.gif
    Note: If you select Monthly Details, the monthly detail pages will be formatted on landscape (horizontal) pages. All annual detail data will be formatted on portrait (vertical) pages. If you select both, your PDF will contain pages in both formats.
  3. Under Other Options, select the paper size. Then click Download as PDF:

  4. When the PDF is compiled, you'll see the notification pictured below near the lower-right corner of your LivePlan window. The PDF will download to your browser's default download location on your computer. Click View PDF to open it in a new tab in your browser:

To learn more about other ways to export your plan information, please see All export options available in LivePlan.

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