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When a conversation has multiple participants you'll be able to spot it easily in Outpost.

There's an important distinction to make here:

  • Recipients are all the people whose email addresses are included in the To, Cc, or Bcc field of a conversation. Recipients may or may not actually send messages in a conversation, but they receive all updates addressed to them.
  • Participants are those recipients who have sent messages in a group conversation. 


In the conversation list

In the conversation list you see in any of your Outpost folders, the preview card will display the name of the sender. You'll be able to view the conversations once you click on the preview card.



Within a conversation

When you're viewing a conversation, you'll see the names of participants in the conversation, with the most recent participant first:


Note: Again, the conversation may have other recipients who haven't yet participated, and you won't see their names listed in this location.

To see all of the recipients' names, click the arrow to expand the addressee list, as shown below:


In addition, if you "Reply All" to a group conversation, at the top of your reply draft, you'll see all the current recipients, whether they have participated or not:


You can add more recipients before replying, or click the "X" next to any recipient's name to remove them from the conversation.


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