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Business Plan Pro allows you to import outside spreadsheets into your business plan. These imported sheets can add more detail to the plan, but they won't override, combine with, or affect any of the built-in formulas used to calculate your financials.

To import spreadsheets into Business Plan Pro, follow these steps:

  1. Open an existing plan file or create a new business plan.
  2. Click File, then Import:
  3. In the dialog box that appears, select "Microsoft Excel" as the file type. Then click Next:
  4. Click Browse to locate the file on your computer. Select the file, then click Next:
  5. A dialog box will show you all of the tables available in the Excel file you're importing. Click "Import only selected sheets," and then click the checkbox next to any tables you want to import. Or, click "Import all sheets" to import all of them. Then click Next:
  6. Click Finish to begin importing.
  7. Once the file has imported, activate the Outline view by clicking the icon near the top of the window. This button will open a right-hand sidebar in your display:
  8. The imported file is in the All Items section at the bottom of this sidebar. You can move the top edge to make this area larger, if needed:
  9. Once you've located your imported spreadsheet in All Items, click and drag to move it into any chapter of the main plan outline in the upper section of the sidebar:


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