Viewing your QuickBooks classes in LivePlan

If you organize the transactions in your QuickBooks account by classes, you'll be able to see that same structure in the LivePlan Dashboard once you've imported your data.

How the Dashboard differs from the forecast

In LivePlan, you can enter two sets of data about your business:

  • You can enter your past accounting actuals into the Dashboard. This accounting data is specific and detailed.
  • You can also enter your future projections into the Forecast. The forecast data is broad and conceptual.

This is why the LivePlan Dashboard supports a structure of classes, but the LivePlan forecast doesn't. Classes can be very useful for analyzing your accounting actuals, that amount of detail can quickly become unwieldy when building your forecast.

Note: If having the ability to represent classes in your forecast would be useful to you, please contact us and tell us more about your needs.

Mapping your QuickBooks data to the LivePlan forecast

After you sync your QuickBooks Online account with LivePlan, you'll begin the mapping process. Here's where you'll connect your QuickBooks actuals to your LivePlan forecast. Once the two are mapped together, you can view your class metrics in the Dashboard. 

Accessing your classes in the Dashboard

With the mapping process completed, you'll now see a new category of options in the menu of your Dashboard Trends screen:
dashboard trends highlighted guide.png

These views will show you your revenues, expenses and margins organized by class. 

by class.png

To learn more about these metrics see Metrics available on the LivePlan Dashboard. You can also include these metrics in reports you download from your Dashboard.

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