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How to I get the Market analysis chart to give me the total of the growth percent? How do I get the pie chart to print in my business plan?

Business Plan Pro and Marketing Plan Pro include three charts for market analysis: 

  • The pie chart showing the first year market broken into segments
  • A bar chart showing percentage compound annual growth rates for each segment in percent
  • A bar chart showing total market by segment for each of five years.

None of those shows you the total of growth in percent, so you would have to export your tables to Excel and use Excel if you really wanted to have that particular chart.

The Market Analysis Pie Chart is inserted into the Plan Outline by default, but to get any of the other Market Analysis Charts to appear and print out, take these steps:


Instructions for 2002, 2003 and 2004

  1. Switch to Plan Outline mode by clicking Plan Outline on the View menu
  2. Single click on the Market Segmentation text topic to select it
  3. Right-click on this topic in the Plan Outline, point to Insert and click Chart
  4. Select the Existing option
  5. Click to highlight the chart from the list
  6. Click OK
  7. The selected chart will now appear below the Market Segmentation topic


Instructions for v4

  1. Switch to Plan Outline mode by clicking the Plan Outline button at the bottom of the screen
  2. Single click on the Market Summary topic to select it
  3. Click the Table and Chart button
  4. Select the desired chart from the drop-down list and click OK.
  5. Click OK again to save the change and close the Plan Outline.
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