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During the installation of an error is generated entitled "Installer Information." Within the error message window, it states:

"The InstallScript engine is missing from this machine. If available, please run ISScript.msi, or contact your support personnel for further assistance."


Why is this happening?

This error is due to a problem within the InstallShield software, which is a third-party application used to install programs within the Windows operating system.

 To resolve this problem you will need to take the following steps:

  1. Save the following file onto the Desktop of your computer: ISScript.msi
  2. After the download has completed, double-click on the downloaded Isscript.msifile.
  3. When the InstallShield Script files have installed, click Start on your Windows toolbar.
  4. Point to Find (or Search) and click Files and Folders.
  5. If prompted, choose to search for All files and folders.
  6. In the Named (or file name) box, type IDRIVER.EXE and click Find Now (or Search).
  7. Once the file is located, take the following steps to register the file:
    1. Click the Windows Start button and click Run
    2. Delete any contents in the "Open" box, then drag and drop the file found above into the box.
    3. Click into the "Open" box and scroll to the far-right side of the text in the box.
    4. Press the spacebar, then type: /regserver
    5. Click OK to finish registering this file.
  8. Restart your computer.
  9. Install your Palo Alto Software program.
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