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Business Plan Pro can automatically read and convert any plan from Business Plan Pro v11 or 2007 and uses an online conversion utility for any older plan files.  

Business Plan Pro 2007 can automatically read and convert files from Business Plan Pro versions 2003 or newer. A free utility is available to open plans from Business Plan Pro 2002 or Business Plan Pro v4.0.


Use the instructions below for converting your old plans.


Converting to:

Business Plan Pro v12 or v11

The Online Conversion utility can convert a plan from any version of Business Plan Pro back to version 4.02.0266 for use in Business Plan Pro v12, v11 or Business Plan Pro 2007. If needed, the conversion utility can be accessed here: Online Conversion Utility


Business Plan Pro 2007

From Business Plan Pro 2003 or newer

The plan will be automatically converted when you open it in a newer, supported version of the software.


Automatically convert the file

  1. Open a supported version of Business Plan Pro
  2. Select 'Open an Existing Plan' from the Start a Plan screen
  3. Click the More files ... link
  4. Browse to the plan that needs to be converted (these files are stored by default in the My Documents folder on your C:\ drive)
  5. Highlight the plan's .bpd file and click Open
  6. The conversion process will now run automatically and the plan will be displayed in Business Plan Pro.
  7. To save your plan in the new format, click Save as on the file menu.
  8. We recommend entering a new filename, so as to not overwrite your original plan.

From Business Plan Pro 2002 or version 4.0

To convert these plans, you must download and install the Conversion Utility using the steps below.


Download the conversion file from our Web site

  1. Click here to download the conversion utility from our Web site
  2. When prompted by Windows, choose to Save this file to the Desktop of your computer.
  3. Once the download has completed, double click on the Pas8ConversionUtility.exe to install the utility.


Launch the Conversion Utility

  1. Click on the Windows Start button
  2. Choose All Programs
  3. Choose the Palo Alt Software folder
  4. Click on the shortcut for the "Palo Alto Software Conversion Utility" which can be found within the folder


Then, convert your plan file:

  1. Beside the Source file box, click the Browse button
  2. Browse to and select your 4.0 or 2002 plan file and click Open
  3. Beside the Destination File box, click the Browse button
  4. Enter a file name for your new plan file. 
    Note: We recommend using a different file name than the source file to maintain a backup copy of the original file.
  5. Click the Convert Plan button 
    Note: This process will take a few minutes, when the conversion is complete, a dialog box will be displayed.
  6. Click the OK button
  7. If you have no other plans to convert, close the Conversion Utility.
  8. If you do have other files to convert, repeat steps 1 through 3 for each additional business plan file.
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