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Can you use the quotes and words from sample plans in writing your marketing plans? Technically, yes, the way we build the sample plans into Marketing Plan Pro you can easily open any one of them, save it with a different name, and pretend that it is your own.

Why you should write your own plan

The most important part of writing a business plan is often not the finished document, but the process you go through to gather market research, create financial forecasts, and think in detail about the day to day, mundane aspects of running your business.

So, aside from the legal issues, we don't recommend copying a sample plan. Every business is unique, and as soon as you start taking shortcuts like this, your business is getting less than the business plan it deserves. The sample plans were written by other people, for other businesses, at other times, and in other places.

Furthermore, if you do that, you take a big risk because bankers, investors, and professors may have Business Plan Pro and may recognize that the plan you say is yours isn't really yours.

Sample plans are copyrighted

Only a few selected portions of a sample plan can be used without modification. The limitations are spelled out clearly in the cover sheet/legal page of each plan. You can use as a starting point and modify, but you must modify.

We will aggressively defend our copyright if we find material in our sample plans published anywhere, on the Web or anywhere else, in a way that disguises its original ownership and copyright. We have granted permission for some sample plans to appear on other websites as sample plans, but only with written permission and proper attribution.

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