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Our software products don't allow you to paste an image directly into your text. However, you can link any graphic as a bitmap (*.bmp) file, Windows Metafile (*.wmf), a Jpeg (*.jpg) or as a gif image (*.gif) and attach it to any specific topic you choose.

Follow these steps to link a graphic file to a text topic:

  1. In text mode, view the topic you'd like to link to the graphic file.
  2. While viewing that topic, make sure you have the topic instructions showing (use the Show Topic Instructions command on the text menu if they aren't).
  3. Then, in the upper window that has different tabs, click on the Text Manager tab.
  4. The Text Manager window has three input boxes, one to set an included table, one to set an included chart, and the third one, which is the one you're looking for, to set a graphic file to be automatically linked.
  5. Click the Browse button to the right of that text input box, then navigate to the graphic file you want to link.

Image is linked, not embedded

You won't ever see that graphic in the bottom window of the text manager. It will link automatically to the specific text topic you're on when you link it in, and will therefore print automatically in the correct order right after that text and before the next header, when you print the plan. The text window, however, doesn't display a graphic.

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