RETIRED Marketing Plan Pro: changing font settings for your text Follow

You can change the font which is being used for all of the text in your plan.

Yes, adjusting the font type or size which is used by the software for your text can be done with one setting. Take the following steps to adjust the font settings for any plan:

  1. Open your plan in your Palo Alto Software planning program.
  2. On the Tools menu, point to Options and click Text.
  3. Select the Font Settings tab
  4. Click the Modify Font button and then make the desired changes to your font type, size, or style.
  5. Once your new font settings are selected, click OK and then press the Apply Format button to change the font settings in all of the text topics in the plan.

To see a demonstration of how to make this adjustment click: How do I change my plan font? 

To see other tutorials on using the software, go to: Technical Support Tutorials

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