RETIRED Marketing Plan Pro: "Corrupt file..." message during installation Follow

When inserting the CD-ROM, you may get a message that says "Corrupt File."

If you have a problem with the physical CD, you should first check for any smudges or scratches on the back of the physical CD. If you find smudges, wipe the CD-ROM very gently with a damp cloth.

CD technology is very reliable, and we are not pinching pennies; we pay to have our CDs duplicated at a major duplicator that also provides this service for Intel and HP. As a result, the likelihood of a manufacturing problem is small.

To deal with the CD further, from the My Computer icon on your desktop, right-click on the CD icon, and choose Explore. You can use your Windows Explorer to browse the CD. See if files will drag from the CD to your hard disk. If you can drag the files to your computer's hard disk, you may be able to run the installation from there.

Please remember, we stand behind our products -- if you are using a supported versionof the software we are more than willing to ship you a replacement CD, and you can always download directly from our website. If you are using a retired version of our software, we will be happy to extend you a significant "upgrade" discount so that you can have the current version of the software.

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