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Serial numbers for all Palo Alto Software programs license you as the exclusive user of the program and they are your proof of ownership. It is important that you register your software in order to receive benefits such as Technical Support services and discounted upgrades.


If you have not yet installed your software

If you haven't installed your software yet and are looking for your serial number it depends on how you purchased the software.

  • If you purchased the software from a retail store, you'll find the serial number on the CD case that comes in the box.
  • If you ordered your software from our website, you can find the serial number in the email order confirmation you received, or on the order receipt page if you printed it out. You can also simply enter your email address and phone number on our order status page to retrieve your serial number and other details about your order.


If you have installed your software

Your serial number is recorded in your existing program. Open a plan (either a sample plan or your own plan) and click About on the Help menu. The window that appears shows your serial number.


If you have registered your software

You can look up your serial number in our online database. Visit our "Order Status" page to check the status of your online order or look up the registration for your software.

By the way, please remember the license agreement. Your serial number is only valid for your own use on your own computer. It is possible to have an installation on a computer in your office and one at home without violating copyright, if you only use one at a time.


Older Versions 

Serial number locations for earlier versions of Palo Alto Software programs vary:

  • Business Plan Pro 4.0, Marketing Plan Pro 4.0, and Web Strategy Pro 4.0 are located on an orange sticker on the back of the CD ROM case.
  • Business Plan Pro 1.1 to 1.21, Marketing Plan Pro 1.x: The serial number insert.
  • Business Plan Pro version 2.0, Marketing Plus version 2.0, and 2.2: The yellow registration card inside your manual.
  • Business Plan Pro version 3.0, Marketing Plan Pro version 3.0, Cash Plan Pro 1.0: The Getting Started manual.
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