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By default, some of our installers will not create an icon on the Desktop of the computer to launch the software. There is an option that should be checked during the installation if you would like to create a Desktop icon.

If you did not check the option to create a Desktop icon, you can take the following steps to ensure that the program installed properly and manually create a shortcut.


First, verify that the software is properly installed on your computer

  1. Check the list of installed programs: Click on the Windows Start button, point to Settings and click Control Panel
  2. Double-click on Add/Remove Programs
  3. If the software is listed by name with the correct version number as one of the Installed Programs, the installation was successful.
  4. If the software is not in the list, either the software has been removed or an error was encountered during the installation. You will need to install the software again using the CD or the file which was downloaded from our website.


Next, create a desktop shortcut

Once you have verified that the software is in the list of installed programs, you can create a desktop shortcut as follows:

  1. Click on the Windows Start button
  2. Point to Programs, then Palo Alto Software
  3. Right-click on Marketing Plan Pro (9.0)
  4. Point to Send to and click Desktop
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