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Outpost is a communications layer that operates on top of email inboxes that your team shares, such as an "info@" or "sales@" address. Outpost makes it easy for a team to coordinate their work in a shared email account.

When you import email from one of your existing email accounts into Outpost, you'll then have two copies of that email history:

  • One copy lives in Outpost.
  • One copy lives in your source email account.

Both copies will continue to update, so there's no risk of losing any email history when you use Outpost. As your team sends replies from Outpost, those replies will also update in your source Gmail or Office 365 account.

You'll still be able to use your source email account once you set up Outpost. 


Note: Outpost currently supports Gmail and GSuite addresses and Office 365 addresses. We will be adding other services soon.
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