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This article assumes you're using Gmail as your email provider.


In order to import your email into Outpost, you'll first want to create a mailbox for it to live in. We recommend starting with a general Gmail address your company uses, such as "sales@[your company]" or "info@[yourcompany]."

Note: When you import your email, keep in mind that one copy of your past and future messages will live in Outpost, and another copy will still live in your source Gmail account. You'll still be able to access and use your Gmail account normally. Think of Outpost as a communications layer that makes it easier for your team to use a shared email address.
Note: Once the connection to Outpost is complete, Outpost will import all of your email history. To ensure a smooth transition, you may want to clean up your Gmail inbox before you connect to Outpost.


Setting up a mailbox

  1. If you haven't already, start your free trial of Outpost. Or if you already have an account, log in at and start the process to add a new mailbox.
  2. Select Gmail as your email provider as shown below. Then click Next:
  3. From here, you'll be connected to Gmail and presented with a list of your existing email addresses. Select the one you want to have connected to your first Outpost mailbox:
  4. You'll then be prompted to verify your request for the connection between Outpost and this Gmail address. Click Allow to continue:
  5. From this point, you'll be placed into your new Outpost account, and your email history will begin importing automatically

    Note: You can use Outpost, and even log out, while your email history import is in progress.


Here are some good next steps:




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