For Accountants: Connecting LivePlan to QuickBooks Online

As an accountant or strategic advisor, you may have access to QuickBooks Online companies for multiple clients. When you use LivePlan to build a client's forecast, you can easily choose their QuickBooks company to connect to.

Connecting LivePlan to QuickBooks Online

  1. Log in to your LivePlan account.
  2. Make sure the company you've built for your client is currently active.
  3. In the client's company, click Connect Accounting:
    Connect to accounting highlighted closeup.png

  4. Click on the Intuit QuickBooks Online option, and then click Continue
    connect your accounting solution selection screen in dashboard.png

  5. The next overlay outlines the steps you need to take to connect to your Intuit account. Click Connect to QuickBooks:
    connect to quickbooks account confirmation steps.png

  6. Sign in your Intuit account:
    intuit sign in page.png

  7. Now, select the client's QuickBooks company to connect to this LivePlan company:

  8. Click Connect to allow LivePlan to access your QuickBooks Online company data:
    connect to accounting highlighted.png

  9. LivePlan will pull in your QuickBooks Online data for the current year and up to two past fiscal years. You can see this data in the Dashboard once you complete the Mapping process. Once LivePlan and QuickBooks Online are connected, the Mapping view will appear:
    mapping screen overview new connection.png

  10. Now, you can move on to Mapping QuickBooks accounts to LivePlan data.
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