All export options available in LivePlan

Because LivePlan can create several different business plan presentations, it also has several different ways to export your information for saving on your computer or sharing with others. This article covers all of your options.

Exports from the Pitch section

Once you've completed your Pitch, you can create three different exports:

Note: The Pitch and Plan are separate documents with different export options. Read on for export options from the Plan section.

Exporting your business plan with financials

Before you download a copy of your full business plan, you may want to add a cover page and a table of contents. You can also make a few document customizations.

Then, you can download your plan document in these ways:

Keep in mind that if you don't need the whole plan, you can always download one or more individual chapters instead.

Downloading and printing your financials from the Forecast section

LivePlan calculates three financial statements automatically, using the data you enter into the Forecast section: The Profit and Loss, the Balance Sheet, and the Cash Flow. When you download, these financial statements are automatically included in your business plan document.

If you need a download of only your financial statements, you have several options:

All of these download options are available as either PDF or Word documents. If needed, you can also move your numbers into Excel by copying and pasting.

Downloading and printing your financials from the Dashboard section

LivePlan's Dashboard contains a full set of metrics to compare your actual results to your forecasted figures. These metrics can be downloaded as a PDF for ease of printing, sharing, or emailing. There's  also an option for you to include a cover page and a summary with the metrics export. 

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