Where is my cash burn rate in LivePlan?

Cash burn rate is one of the 29 metrics tracked in the LivePlan Dashboard. If you'd like to learn more about cash burn rate, you can find more information at our Bplans website here: The Importance of Burn Rate and Cash Runway

In the Dashboard, once it's set up, you'll see the cash burn rate calculated for both your actuals and your forecast.

This feature is available to LivePlan Premium users. To learn more about LivePlan Premium, please click here

Setting up the Dashboard

You'll need to set up the Dashboard section to view this metric.  First, you'll connect LivePlan to your accounting solution to import your actuals (or you can enter your actuals directly)

To complete the import, you'll need entries in your Forecast section as a point of comparison. You can take one of two approaches here:

With both data sets connected, you're ready to view your cash burn rate.

Viewing the cash burn rate

  1. In the Dashboard section, click Trends:
    dashboard trends highlighted guide.png

  2. On the Trends page, mouse over the pull-down menu to choose a metric:
    trends dropdown highlighted.png

  3. Select Cash burn rate from the menu:
    cash burn rate highlighted.png


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