How is interest expense added to my forecast?

Do I need to enter the interest expense in my forecast?

When you enter a loan into the LivePlan forecast, the interest (and payments) are entered into your forecast automatically. These calculations come from the terms you enter for your loan, including the interest percentage and length:
finance add loan detail amount and terms.png


You can see the calculated interest amounts in the Profit and Loss statement, in the Operating Income section on the Interest Expense line, as shown below:
interest expenses highlighted profit and loss


How do I edit the interest expense?

To edit the interest expense, you'll need to navigate to the Financing page of your forecast.

  1. In the Forecast section, click Financing:
    Forecast section financing highlighted.png
  2. In the Financing table, click the title of the original Loan entry:

    financing table with delivery van asset highlighted.png

  3. In the overlay that appears, change the interest percentage. Click Save & Exit:
    delivery van loan details terms and save exit highlighted.png

How do I enter an interest-only or deferred-interest loan?

For full instructions on how to enter these specialty loans, please read:

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