How many users can I have on my LivePlan account? Follow

 LivePlan has two levels of user you can invite to your account:



Contributors can access and edit anything in the Pitch, Plan, Forecast, and Schedule tabs. They can also download a copy of the plan. If you grant them the option, contributors can even create new companies, add new users, and view and edit the Benchmarks and Dashboard. 

  • The standard monthly LivePlan account comes with 2 Contributors (one of whom is the account owner).
  • The standard annual account comes with 5 Contributors (again, one of these is the account owner).

If you'd like more Contributors on your account, you can change the number for an added fee.

Note: Contributors cannot access the account owner’s profile data, billing, or payment information.



Guests can view the Pitch, Forecast, and Schedule tabs, but can't make changes. They can view and post comments in the Plan tab. They can also download a copy of the plan. If you grant them the option, Guests can view the Benchmarks and Dashboard tabs as well. Guests can’t edit any content, or access any account management details.

Every LivePlan account comes with unlimited guest passes.

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