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Once you've created a few templates in your Outpost account, you can start applying them to your messages. Here are some useful things to know about templates:

  • You can combine templates with your own writing - in other words, the template won't replace any text you've already written in a message.
  • You can apply more than one template to the same message.
  • When you apply a template, it will appear where your cursor is currently placed in the message.
  • Once you've applied a template to a message, you can edit that text as needed.
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Applying a template to a message:

  1. Begin a new conversation, or a reply or forward.
  2. In the message you've started, you can access your saved templates by clicking the +Template link:
  3. The template selector will appear. The sidebar offers several ways to sort through your templates:
    avail_templates_will_appear.pngNote: Only mailboxes you've created templates for will display in this pull-down menu. 
  4. At the top of the the sidebar, you'll see a pull-down menu. Templates created for your default mailbox will display first:
  5. You can also use the search box to locate templates that contain specific text:
  6. Once you've chosen a template, click the Add Template button to apply it to the message:
  7. With the template in place, you can add text to the message and make edits as you prefer:
  8. You can add more templates to the same message. Just place your cursor where you'd like the template to appear, and then click the +Template link again to select another template:
  9. Click Save & Close to save the message as a draft, or click Send to send it.


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