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Once you've created a few templates in your Outpost account, you can start applying them to your messages. Here are some useful things to know about templates:

  • You can combine templates with your own writing - in other words, the template won't replace any text you've already written in a message.
  • You can apply more than one template to the same message.
  • When you apply a template, it will appear where your cursor is currently placed in the message.
  • Once you've applied a template to a message, you can edit that text as needed.


Applying a template to a message:

  1. Begin a new conversation, or a reply or forward.
  2. In the message you've started, you can access your saved templates by clicking the +Template link:
  3. The template selector will appear. The sidebar offers several ways to sort through your templates:
  4. At the top of the the sidebar, you'll see a pull-down menu. Templates created for your default mailbox will display first. If you prefer, you can choose a different mailbox, or select Any Mailbox to see a wider selection of templates:

    Note: Only mailboxes you've created templates for will display in this pull-down menu. If you haven't created templates assigned as "Any Mailbox," then you won't see that option in this menu.

  5. You can also use the search box to locate templates that contain specific text:
  6. You can also browse through your templates by clicking on them in the sidebar, which will display their full text:
  7. Once you've chosen a template, click the Add Template button to apply it to the message:
  8. With the template in place, you can add text to the message and make edits as you prefer:
  9. You can add more templates to the same message. Just place your cursor where you'd like the template to appear, and then click the +Template link again to select another template:
  10. Click Save & Close to save the message as a draft, or click Send to send it.


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